Xing Tea had its first production run in mid-June, with final quality control processes completed the last week in June.  Shipments of the product are being prepared to launch in major retailers by August 1.  The Colorado market will see a soft launch starting Monday, the 8th of July, primarily in its independent stores.  Placement into major retailers will take time as they have their planograms to adjust, and we have a supply chain to build.  That being said, we are excited to offer online sales with the help of our partnering brand Go Fast Energy.  Clicking on “Order Now” button above will redirect you to the page where you can order Xing Tea and have it shipped directly to you!  This allows our design team to continue to prepare the Xing Tea website for launch in the coming weeks!  Thanks for your patience!!!  By the way, while on the order page for Xing Tea, check out Go Fast!  It’s a great energy drink with all-natural ingredients; we know you will love it!